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Main address: Jl. Raya Kali Rungkut, Ruko Megah Raya Blok. M40-41 60299 Surabaya, INDONESIA ,
Tel:(031) 879 6616 , Fax:(031) 879 6615 , E-mail: support(at)



With many years of combined experience in the design-build construction marketplace. We have a wide range of experience that includes pre-engineered metal buildings and steel structure also concrete and wood frame structures.

Over the years we have formed strategic alliances with several major building products suppliers to continually ensure that our projects are competitively priced, finished in a timely manner, and always maintain the highest quality standards in the industry.

We especialy designs for telecommunications and infrastructure project that can be adjusted by customer demand.

Engineering Detailed engineering layout and plans as per requirement of the project, such as: Structural Surveys, General Structure, Foundation Design, Foundation Layouts, Refurbishment, Site Layouts, Foundation & Floor-Cut Details, Fabrication Drawing of Structural Steel Works, and Bill of Material.

Analysis A prediction about behavior of any building with respect to certain laws and methodologies, this prediction is made as per various mathematical calculations and engineering mechanics.

Generally we using CAD software as the basis for design work, and one of them is AutoCAD, and we're using SAP for analysis.

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